English Cream Dachshund Temperament- What Makes It The Best Companion

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Taking care of an English cream mini dachshund is not easy. The English Cream Dachshund Temperament is very specific to the breed. In this article, let us talk about the specifics of what you should expect when you home an English cream longhair dachshund.

Rare Find

Any dog-loving website will tell you that finding an English Cream Dachshund is not easy. While they are easy to love, the dachshund variety with the amazing cream coat is very hard to find. These elegant pint-sized breeds are perfect for those who want very playful playmates and life companions. 

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English Cream Dachshund Temperament

The cream-colored dachshund temperament is characterized by six specific characteristics.


The English cream longhair dachshunds are often calm. They are calm and smart during training and you will see this translate into their everyday lives. Unlike other dogs described as calm, however, the English cream longhair dachshund is never timid or lazy. They just love the idea of staying at peace in their own space.

cream colored dachshund


The English cream longhair dachshunds are also very courageous. They make it a point to make you feel as if you are protected and that they are always on guard for anything that may hurt you or the members of your family. This makes the dachshunds lovable pets and also guards for small children.


As mentioned above, most English cream longhair dachshunds undergo training at an early age. Since they are stubborn, they are often set in their ways so training them early is necessary. 

If you have a rare English cream longhair dachshund, you should not skimp on house training them for the purpose that you intend to. Obedience training is necessary for the English cream longhair dachshund so they can follow the set of rules at an early age.


The English cream longhair dachshunds are devoted to their families. Most owners say that those who love the English cream longhair dachshunds would also feel that they are loved and taken care of. Is that not what we want in a companion?


The English cream longhaired dachshunds are lively. They are also very playful so they make great companions in life. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to exercise my cream-colored dachshund?

Yes, you need to exercise your cream-colored dachshund for at least 30 minutes a day. Make sure that you will allow your English cream longhair dachshunds to move around as this is important for their muscles and bones.

What is the average weight for the cream-colored dachshund?

If you have an English cream longhair dachshund, make sure that they will only weigh 5 kilograms at most as overweight dachshunds often have health problems.

Your English Cream Longhair Dachshund Deserve Love

If you have one of these rare breeds, make sure that you give it love, attention, and a lot of exercise. While their coats are soft to touch and they seem sturdy, they need constant attention and moderate grooming.


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