Is The Wire-Haired Dachshund Hypoallergenic?

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Wire-haired dogs are often recommended for people with allergies but is the wire-haired dachshund hypoallergenic or is it a bad idea to bring such a dog home? If you have allergies but really want a dog, unfortunately, there aren’t all that many options. So, let’s examine the coats of wire-haired Doxies and see if they are a safe bet for you or your allergic family members.

Is The Wire-haired Dachshund Hypoallergenic?

In a word – no. There is no hypoallergenic dachshund coat type just as there is no truly hypoallergenic dog breed. We know people often cite poodles are a hypoallergenic breed but even they aren’t 100% safe for people with allergies – they are just a bit safer compared to most other dogs.

So, while we’d really love to recommend dachshunds to you, they just aren’t hypoallergenic.

Is The Wire-haired Dachshund Hypoallergenic

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What Exactly Does It Mean For A Dog To Be Hypoallergenic?

Simply put, this term refers to a dog or a pet that does not trigger any allergies in people that are otherwise allergic to such pets. Unfortunately, 100% hypoallergenic dogs are as real as unicorns – not at all.

What makes breeds such as poodles famous as (almost) hypoallergenic is the fact that they are easier to live with if you have allergies. Their wiry coats shed very little and they don’t leave too much dander or saliva floating around your home on their dog hairs. And as dander and saliva are what actually trigger people’s allergies, such dogs are less of an issue to live with.

In fact, if your allergies are only mild and if you groom your dog well (lots of brushing, regular baths), then you can live with a “hypoallergenic” dog full-time without a problem.

What Makes The Coat Of Wire-haired Dachshunds Less Hypoallergenic Than The Wiry Coat Of Poodles?

The fact that two different coats are both wiry doesn’t mean they are the same. A big part of what makes poodles almost hypoallergenic is that they don’t have an undercoat layer and their one layer of hair doesn’t shed that much.

Wire-haired dachshunds, on the other hand, are double-coated, meaning that they have a fluffy undercoat that’s meant to keep them warm in the cold and damp winters of Central Europe. This double coat essentially means that wire-haired dachshunds shed twice as much as they would otherwise, especially in the spring and fall when they blow out their coats.

So, while, as we said, it’s actually the dandruff and saliva that triggers people’s allergies, the extra shedding means more dog hair in the air to float those allergens closer to you.

Is The Wire-haired Dachshund Hypoallergenic Compared To Most Other Breeds?

Of course, comparing any dog to the poodle in terms of being hypoallergenic is not fair. Poodles are the gold standard when it comes to being safe for people with allergies as much as Greyhounds and Salukis are the gold standards for canine speed.

So, if we compare the “hypoallergenic-ness” of wire-haired dachshunds to most other breeds, the Doxies will come closer to the top than most other breeds. For one, the low body size means a smaller surface area for producing dandruff. What’s more, even though they are double-coated, wire-haired dachshunds are still considered just moderate shedders, meaning that many other breeds shed a lot more.

In short, while the idea of a wire-haired dachshund hypoallergenic dog is a myth, these dogs are somewhat safe for most people with allergies to try and interact with. Just be sure that you can always return or rehome your Doxie if it ends up triggering your allergies.

In Conclusion – Is The Wire-haired Dachshund Hypoallergenic and What Can You Do If Not?

No Doxie is hypoallergenic, unfortunately. Given that they are only moderate shedders, however, and they don’t produce that much dandruff, they are not horrible for people with allergies either. In a sense, we can call them “half-hypoallergenic”. If you brush your dog daily, bathe it monthly, and you clean and air out your home regularly, a dachshund can easily end up being completely safe for your allergies. Still, remember to always have a plan B – you don’t want to have to leave your dog in a shelter.

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Are wirehaired dogs hypoallergenic?

Not really but mostly insofar as there are no truly hypoallergenic dog breeds anyway. Poodles often get the reputation as The hypoallergenic dog breed as they do trigger people’s allergies less often than most other breeds. However, even poodles are not technically hypoallergenic because what triggers allergies isn’t actually the dog hair – it’s the dog dandruff and saliva.
The dog hair is simply what “delivers” those to us most of the time so breeds that shed less tend to trigger our allergies less often. As medium shedders, most wirehaired dogs are not too bad for people’s allergies but they are still not hypoallergenic either.

What exactly does hypoallergenic mean?

What people usually mean by “hypoallergenic” is a dog that doesn’t trigger people’s allergies. I.e., a dog breed that even a person with the most disastrous dog allergy can interact and live with effortlessly.
Now, is there such a dog? No, there isn’t. Some breeds trigger people’s allergies more than others but no dog breed is 100% safe if you are allergic. Does this mean that allergic people should never ever get a dog? Not necessarily. If your allergies are mild and you get a dog that isn’t too bad for people’s allergies – one from the so-called (almost) hypoallergenic breeds, then you might be ok. Just make sure you can return or rehome the dog you’re getting if you have allergies just in case they do flare up at some point.

Is there a hypoallergenic Dachshund?

Not unless you count a freshly shaven and bathed dachshund. Doxies of all three of their coat types (long-haired, wire-haired, and short/smooth-haired) are all medium shedders so they will leave some dog hair flying around. And, while it’s not the dog hair that triggers people’s allergies but their dandruff and saliva, the hair is what usually gets those near our nostrils.
So, no, there is no hypoallergenic dachshund. That being said, dachshunds are not as bad for people with allergies as most other breeds. Their small size means less dandruff to go around and their moderate shedding is easy to deal with if you just brush and bathe your dog regularly (daily brushing, monthly bathing, for example).