Jack Russell Dachshund Mix Lifespan and Breed Features

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Looking into getting a dog, mixed-breeds are one option, and knowing as much about them like Jack Russell dachshund mix lifespan is important. Researching breed features is usually what most potential owners jump into, and with this mix, some intriguing features are revealed. 

Becoming a responsible dog parent implies gathering some knowledge about this new dog. Mixed-breed dogs come with multiple different factors to take into account, from physical appearance to health issues and temperament. Preparation is therefore a requirement, at least on a basic level. 

Origins Of Jack Russell Dachshund Mix

The dachshund and Jack Russel terrier have their own separate history. Jack Russel hail from England and has been around since the 1800s. Dachshunds are far older as records of them are found as far back as the 15 century in Germany. 

The mix of these two breeds is a fairly recent one, and as such, there is not much of a history to talk about. What is known is that this mix started around 30 years ago. The result makes this dog not a purebred for either breed but a designer breed that still sees high demand. 

The dachshund is a famous breed that comes with so many nicknames, like a hot dog, Weiner, and sausage dog. Even its toy version has the nickname tweeny. So it’s no wonder then that Jackshund is often used to refer to this mix. 

Physical Appearance

A dachshund and a Jack Russel both have comparatively very cute faces but are very different in other physical aspects. Doxies are known for their long bodies and a mix with a Jack Russel will mean it loses that feature. 

Physical Appearance

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Size and Weight

Since both breeds are fairly small, the question then of how big will a Jack Russell Dachshund mix get remains. The typical height for this mix tallies somewhere between 8 and 23 inches, depending on the parents. A standard or a mini dachshund parent will render this diverging result. 

Weight is also influenced by the parents and can range between 15 to 28 pounds. Overall, this would make a Jackshund either a small or medium-sized dog. The elongated spine is something that is usually inherited, as many admirers of this mix want.

Coat Type and Color

Jacks usually have double coats as opposed to the single coat from dachshunds. A mix would basically mean a toss of the coin on whether the coat will be single or double. Coat texture will not vary too much as straight and wiry coats result from the Jack Russell dachshund mix. Coat colors usually include black, brown, cream, and white. 

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix Lifespan and Health

One thing to consider is how long do Jack Russell Dachshund mixes live. Jack Russell’s dachshund mix lifespan is somewhere between 12 and 15 years which is quite a lot of time. 

As far as health concerns go, mixed breeds can inherit many problems from either parent. It’s usually hard to predict what could potentially be inherited, but it’s good to know what the issues may be. A Jack Russell dachshund mix lifespan may be affected by this so preparation is important. 

Wondering are Jack Russells is prone to health problems offers up a list of probable issues that may occur. Some of these involve health problems like crushing disease, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, deafness, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, and patellar luxation

Even if these possible health problems are a risk, it’s not definitive that a Jackshund will have any of them. This mix is usually a relatively healthy one, so it should not scare off any potential interest in them. 

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix Temperament

Apart from knowing basics like Jack Russell dachshund mix lifespan, being ready for their temperament is also important. Both the dachshunds and Jack Russells are quite playful and goofy with a boundless energy supply. 

The hunting instinct of this mix will stem from both breeds and make them follows their noses into trouble. Stubborn and quick-witted a Jack Russell dachshund mix will surely want to outsmart its owners. Both breeds were bred to hunt small borrowing animals so the tendency to dig will remain regardless. 

An impressive ability to jump will make itself known, especially when they get excited and seek attention. All this energy they display will mean they will need an outlet for it, and daily walks should not be skipped. Training and socialization will make them pay more attention to what their owners want and not what the squirrel in the tree is doing. 

Seeing as this mix combines two hunting dogs into one, it’s important to keep an eye out during walks. Jack Russells have a tendency to roll around in fox poop when they find it. This instinct could pass down to the mix and it is a painful process to clean out, similar to de-skunking. 


Knowing what Jack Russell dachshund mix lifespan is but one piece of information about this dog. Personality-wise the Jack Russell dachshund mix is an even more strong-willed one than one might have anticipated. With a fun-loving, silly dog the result will only make them that much more endearing. 

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How big will a Jack Russell Dachshund mix get?

Jack Russell Dachshund mix can be considered either a small or medium-sized dog. They usually measure somewhere between 8 or 23 inches in height, weigh 15 to 28 pounds and still retain the long spine feature of a doxie. These variations in size are so wide because of the two size variations of mini and standard-sized dachshunds. Whichever the parent is will influence how the Jack Russell dachshund mix will turn up.

How long do Jack Russell Dachshund mixes live?

Jack Russell dachshund mix is an acceptably healthy one and can thus live long lives. This usually translates to between 12 and 15 years, which in dog years is quite a lot.

Are Jack Russells prone to health problems?

Jack Russell Dachshund mix can be prone to some health issues, curtesy of whichever conditions they may inherit from either parent. A number of health problems can occur like epilepsy, hip dysplasia, crushing disease, intervertebral disc disease, patellar luxation. These conditions however are not a guarantee to appear, but it’s something to be prepared for, just in case.