Mini Dachshund Neck Size For Collars, Harnesses, Clothes, And More

Last Updated on May 10, 2022 by Marco

Dachshunds are a breed with very peculiar body proportions. So, here we’ll go over the mini dachshund neck size for collars, harnesses, clothes, and more. Knowing this is as important for any mini dachshund owner as is knowing your dog’s body length, chest width, and chest depth. Having your dog’s accurate dimensions will help you know what sizes of collar, harness, and clothes you’re going to need as well as whether your dog is healthy and within the breed’s standard.

What’s The Average Adult Mini Dachshund Neck Size?

The expected average adult mini dachshund neck size is 8 to 13 inches or 20 to 34 cm. Going slightly below or above this range is technically possible but is usually indicative of issues such as being overweight or – in rare cases – having an underlying health condition such as Wobbler Syndrome. Doxies do have a predisposition for putting on weight, however, so the cause of a thicker neck is usually just being overweight.

The 8 to 13-inch range typically puts mini dachshunds in the extra small or XS neck size range. This should hardly be surprising given that the whole breed is literally extra small.

How To Measure Your Mini Dachshund Neck Size?

A lot of people “measure” their dogs’ neck sizes by laying their collar flat on the ground and putting a ruler next to it. This isn’t a very precise method, however, as collars – especially old ones, if you’re looking for a replacement – often don’t fit our dogs, as well as they, should.

So, the better way to go about it is to get a tape measure and lay it over your dog’s neck. Place the tape measure where the collar is supposed to go, put two fingers under it for some comfort buffer, and gently press the tape measure to your dog’s fur – this is the neck size you should go with.

If you don’t have a tape measure and don’t want to get one, the alternative is to take a long piece of thread and do the same with it as you would with a tape measure. After that, just lay the thread on the floor and measure it with a ruler. You can do the same with any other body part of the dachshund such as its back or chest but, again, it’s easier to just get a tape measure.

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What Size Collar Does Your Miniature Dachshund Need?

Every dog needs the collar size that’d fit its neck perfectly, regardless of what the official breed standard is. So, while looking at averages is good for knowing where your dog stands compared to other dogs of the same breed when it comes to getting a collar you should always measure your dog’s neck before buying anything.

Still, as we said above, the 8 to 13 inch (20 to 34 cm) breed average mini dachshund neck size puts these dogs in the XS collar range. So, assuming that your dog fits its breed’s standard and you get a collar that’s easily adjustable, everything should be all right.

What Else Do You Need To Measure Besides Neck Width For A Dog Harness?

If you want to get your mini dachshund a harness and not just a collar – something we strongly recommend – then you’ll need to measure more than just your dog’s neck size. You’ll also need:

  • Your dog’s length from the back of the neck to the base of the tail
  • It’s chest width, measured at the widest part of the chest between the back and just behind the front legs
  • The depth of the chest, starting from the front base of the neck to the last rib before your dog’s belly starts

What Else Do You Need To Measure Besides Neck Width For A Dog Harness

What Does The Mini Dachshund Neck Size Mean For Doggy Clothes?

If you’re interested in getting your dog clothes such as a winter coat, pajamas, or a sweater, then you still need to measure your dog’s neck alongside other parameters such as back length (neck to tail), chest width, and chest depth. It’s easy to think that the exact mini dachshund neck size is less important for a coat than it is for a collar but that’s not the case. Especially with life-saving clothing such as winter coats or swimming vests, getting your dog’s size perfectly is crucial.


What size collar does a mini dachshund need?

The exact collar size of any dog should be measured individually as even dogs of the same breed or sub-breed can have measurements going outside of the breed’s averages. If you’re looking for an indicative range, however, miniature dachshunds typically fall in the extra small or XS size range. That’s because their necks are usually somewhere between 8 and 13 inches thick (20 to 34 cm). If your dog’s neck is slimmer or thicker than that, however, the XS size may not be suitable for it.

How big is a miniature dachshund puppy neck?

The neck size of most adult miniature dachshunds is around 8 to 13 inches thick (20 to 34 cm). This is without accounting for obesity, young age, or other factors. With this neck size, most mini Doxies fall in the XS range for collars, harnesses, clothes, and so on.

How thick is a dachshunds neck?

Standard dachshunds are a medium-sized breed and are considerably larger than miniature dachshunds. As a result, a lot of standard dachshund owners tend to underestimate just how thick their necks can be. The average for an adult standard dachshund is 12 to 16 inches or 30 to 41 cm. Naturally, with old age or obesity, some dachshunds can go even beyond that. If you’re wondering where that puts them with regard to collar sizes – on the border between S and M sizes.

How do you measure a neck collar?

Measuring your dog’s neck for a collar or the collar itself is quite easy – all you need is a tape measure. All you need to do is put the tape measure around your dog’s neck where the collar would naturally fit. Put a couple of fingers under the tape measure to allow for extra comfort and see what width the tape measure is showing – that’s the neck size you’ll have to work with.