Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix – The Amazing Dameranian

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If you’re looking for a small, loyal, lively, and social pup to keep you company, take a look at the pomeranian weenie dog mix – the amazing Dameranian! This adorable cross between a dachshund and a pomeranian makes for an excellent family pet even if you have kids or other dogs and pets.

As with most other crossbreeds, the Dameranian’s characteristics can vary between the two parent breeds. So, knowing what to expect from your pomeranian weenie dog mix can be a tad more complicated than it is with other breeds.

Personality Traits Of The Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix

One of the best things about the pomeranian weenie dog mix is its great personality. Granted, it can vary between more pronounced dachshund or pomeranian traits. In either case, however, the end result is fantastic.

If your Dameranian ends up looking and behaving more like its dachs parent you can expect a playful, inquisitive, and independent dog. Such a strong-willed Dameranian will be a bit stubborn and tricky to train. At the same time, however, such a Damranian will be very fun to be around and play with. Just make sure to go through some obedience training early on.

Note that socialization is extra crucial if your Damranian looks more like its dachshund parent. This is especially important if you have other dogs or pets as dachshunds are a hound breed and they can be aggressive toward other dogs. Even if your Damranian takes on its dachs parent, however, there will still be a bit of the pomeranian’s social nature too.

Should your pomeranian dachshund look more like its pom parent, you can expect a very lively, smart, and outgoing dog. Socialization will still be recommended but will be less of a necessity. Such a dog will love social gatherings with either people or other dogs and pets. This cross will be an attention-seeker too and will strive to always be at the heart of the party.

Barking may be a bit of an issue in that case too but some no-barking training can solve this issue. And, regardless of which parent the Dameranian looks like, living with kids should be no problem. Just remember to teach your children to be gentle when playing with the dog.

A last note on the personality point is that Dameranians are very prone to separation anxiety. So, if you work outside of home you’ll need to do at least a few of the following:

  • Make sure there’s a family member at home when you’re out
  • Hire a dog sitter or a dog walker
  • Get a lot of dog toys and introduce new ones every other week
  • Give your Dameranian a ton of attention before you go to work
  • Install some cameras at home to monitor your pup when you’re away
  • Get a second dog to keep your Dameranian company

If neither of these is an option, the pomeranian weenie dog mix may not be the right fit for you.

 pomeranian daschund

Pomeranian Dachshund Exercise Needs

If you’re not an outdoorsy type of person, the dachshund pomeranian mix can be a great fit for you. Like both its parent breeds, the Dameranian doesn’t require a great deal of outdoor exercise. Two 20-30 minute brisk walks per day are usually enough for this dog – enough for you to get some of your daily steps too.

This requirement may be easy to meet but it is essential. Like its parents, the Dameranian can be prone to putting on weight and getting outright obese. So, don’t think of skipping one or both of your dog walks or making them shorter and lighter. Letting your dog get obese is the first step toward a very long list of possible health complications.

In addition to these 45-60 minutes of outdoor playtime each day you’ll need to put in some indoor playtime as well. This is easy to do as both dachshunds and poms are very playful and so is the Dameranian.

Health Basics Of The Dachshund Pomeranian Mix

The Dameranian crossbreed isn’t too unhealthy compared to other dogs but there are a few conditions you should watch out for. None of these are guaranteed to befall your dog but they are all possible:

To minimize all risks you should make follow the four main golden rules:

  • Always get a health certificate for the pup you’re purchasing or adopting
  • Always go to two routine vet check-ups per year
  • Maintain a good exercise regime
  • Maintain a good and healthy diet

Physical Characteristics Of The Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix

This breed is definitely on the small side – it varies between 8 and 25 pounds (3.5 to 11 kg) weight and 5 to 11 inches (13 to 28 cm) height. These ranges are pretty wide because they depend on which parent your pup is taking more from.

Additionally, Dameranians typically have long and thick coats. Sometimes they can also have more dachs-like coats, however, so they can be short, long, or wiry too.

There are lots of color variations too – black, white, brown, tan, or blue. The legs are usually short and the body – slender. The ears are normally big and either erect or droopy.

The Pros and Cons Of Pomeranian Dachshund Mix Puppies


  • Lively and playful breed
  • Great with kids and ok with other pets
  • Good for apartment living
  • Cute as a button
  • Doesn’t need a great deal of exercise


  • Separation anxiety is a big problem
  • Can get overweight with insufficient exercise
  • Can have dog aggression if it looks like its dachs parent (and doesn’t have enough socialization
  • Needs obedience training if it looks like its dachshund parent

Should You Get A Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix?

The Dameranian cross is an excellent family pet for people who live in apartment buildings. With a bit of training and socialization, this dog can be excellent with kids and other pets too. The outdoor needs are not too significant but separation anxiety is a risk so this breed is recommended for people who work from home.

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