Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund – Looks, Rarity, Price, And More

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Few dogs are as cute as the Doxie and few Doxies are gorgeous as this one. So, the red brindle long haired dachshund – looks, rarity, price, and more. We’ll cover all the main points in this article and try to add anything else you may be wondering about regarding these tiger-striped little canines.

What Exactly Is A Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a dachshund sub-type, defined by its unique coat. These dogs are of the long hair variety, they have the common red coat color, and they also have the very uncommon for a dachshund brindle coat pattern. What does this pattern look like? It gives the dog the awesome black and chocolate tiger-like stripes on random places over its body, often on the back.

This coat pattern can be more commonly seen in dog breeds like the Boxer or the Cardigan Welsh Corgi but it’s far from common in a dachshund. That’s what makes the red brindle long haired dachshund so awesome. Or, that, plus how awesome this type of coat actually looks on Doxies.

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Are Long Haired Red Dachshunds The Only Ones That Can Have Brindle Coats?

Not at all – most dachshund colors can have the brindle pattern. This includes tan and black bi-color dachshunds, tan and chocolate bi-colors, as well as diluted colors such as fawn and cream. In fact, as red is the most common dachshund color, red brindle dachshunds are more common than most other brindles. What’s more, the brindle pattern is more easily noticeable on a red or diluted dog than on a black and tan or chocolate and tan dog.

The Genetics Of A Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund

The brindle coat pattern is caused by the dominant variety of the K locus in your dog’s genetic profile – this is the locus responsible for the black coat color, hence why the brindle stripes are dark in color. Despite the dominance of the brindle gene, however, these dogs remain rare because of how this locus interacts with the other loci responsible for these dogs’ coats.

Still, the dominance of the brindle color is good news for breeders as it allows them to more reliably breed more brindle coated dachshunds by mixing two brindle parents together. Unlike dogs with the merle/dapple gene, mixing two brindle dogs doesn’t result in any extra health problems as long as the two parents were healthy themselves.

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Is The Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund Rare?

This coat pattern is very rare even though the red color as a whole is quite common in dachshunds. This means that you’ll usually have a hard time finding a red brindle long haired dachshund in shelters and rescues. Finding one from breeders will be easier but will still take some time. Plus, you will be expected to pay extra when you do. And, even with the higher price, you should still be careful and ask for a health certificate – you don’t want to get a Doxie from a puppy mill where they inbreed their dogs to get more pups with the desired coat type.

Does The Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund Have Any Extra Health Issues You Should Be Wary Of?

No, not unless its breeder purposefully bred dogs with bad health in an attempt to mass-breed more dogs with the brindle pattern. This risk is why we always recommend avoiding puppy mills and pet stores, and instead of working only with a reputable breeder. That is, if you insist on buying and not adopting. Ghostwriter Deutschland is very fond of dogs and advises to take your pet seriously and to choose food and care competently.

So, Is The Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund – The Right Dog For You?

It very well might be, if you can find and/or afford one. Red brindle long haired dachshunds really aren’t different personality-wise to other long haired Doxies – they just have a rare coat pattern and a gorgeous look. Of course, as long haired dachshunds, they do have somewhat calmer personalities than other dachshunds but that’s about it. So, if a Doxie with long and flowing locks is the dog for you, getting one with a red brindle coat is a great choice.

So, Is The Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund – The Right Dog For You


How much are red long haired dachshund?

The exact price of these dogs will vary greatly based on where you get them from, whether they are purebred, if they come with a credible health certificate, and so on. Overall, however, red brindle long haired dachshund dogs tend to be quite more expensive than most of the common dachshund coat varieties because they are rarer.
So, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see such a pup sold for over $2,000 although you should be able to find some for ~$1,500 or even a bit less if you search hard enough. Just make sure that the pup you’re getting is indeed healthy or that, if it isn’t, you’re aware of it ahead of time and you know what you’re getting. Health is one of the big reasons why we strongly advise buying pups from pet stores and puppy mills.

Is brindle a Dachshund color?

No, it’s a coat pattern. It’s most easily described as “tiger-like stripes on your dachshund”. Such a pattern is pretty common on other dog breeds but is quite rare on a dachshund. It can appear in various coat colors but is especially gorgeous on a red long haired dachshund.

Are red dapple dachshunds rare?

Even though red is a very common color for a dachshund, red dapple dachshunds are incredibly rare – almost as much as the fully black dachshund. That’s because the dapple feature is actually a coat pattern and not a color. “Dapple” is the word we use for the merle coat type in dachshunds. Essentially, that’s just a coat pattern with lighter areas on the coat mixed in with the regular color. Because of a weird whim of genetics, dapple or merle red dachshunds are indeed quite rare.

Can dachshunds be brindle?

Brindle dachshunds aren’t very common – not nearly as much as Boxers, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, or some other breeds. Still, brindle dachshunds do exist and you can find one if you look hard enough. You can expect to have to pay a higher price at the breeder, however, and you’ll have an extra hard time finding a brindle Doxie for adoption in shelters and rescues.