6 Dachshund Growth Stages From Newborn To Senior


If this is your first time owning a Doxie, you’re probably wondering what are the 6 dachshund puppy growth stages and what to expect from them. 


Nursing age – during the first 3-4 weeks, a pup should be nursed with its mother’s milk or a commercial alternative.


A puppy that doesn’t eat milk and electric heating pads anymore is officially not “a newborn” anymore. 

Adolescent/”Teen” Puppy

A dachshund may become full-grown before the first-year mark.


The period between the second and the fourth year of a dachshund’s life is considered the yearly adulthood.

Late Adult

The 4-6 years are considered the late adulthood for dachshunds. 


Most people get a little shocked when they hear that the dachshund’s “senior years” start around the 6-7-year mark.

When do dachshunds stop growing?

On average, most dachshunds will stop growing around 8 or 9 months of age.

We can divide the dachshund puppy growth stages in several different ways.

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