Are Dachshunds Prone To Seizures, Why, And What To Do?

We often think of back problems when talking about dachshund health problems but what about seizures? Are dachshunds prone to seizures, why, and what to do?

Are Dachshunds Prone To Seizures?

In a word – yes. Dachshunds are one of the dog breeds you can realistically expect seizures from.

What Exactly Are Seizures Exactly and What Are Their Symptoms

Seizures are most easily explained as “a bug in the brain”. Similar to a computer bug, seizures can be caused by a lot of problems but your dog’s “system” will likely get rid of the bug on its own after a few seconds or a couple of minutes.

Dachshunds are considered more at risk of seizures than most other breeds but as much as some other breeds. 

Are Dachshunds Prone To Seizures More Than Other Breeds?

How Dangerous Are Seizures For Dachshunds?

Most seizures in dachshunds end up being relatively harmless – just a temporary inconvenience that passes without any serious consequences.

What Causes Seizures In Dachshunds?

The latter group is almost always dangerous simply because their causes are almost always problematic. The former group is often relatively harmless but can be sometimes problematic too.

The exact remedy for your dachshund’s seizures will depend on the underlying cause. That’s why the first and main thing you need to do is contact your vet.

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