Best Brush For Short Hair Dachshund – What To Choose?

Short-haired Doxies are not the most active shedders but their coats can still get messy if left unattended. So, the best brush for a short hair dachshund – what to choose?

Best Brush For Short Hair Dachshund

Dogs with shorter coats don’t suffer from matting as much as other breeds so they just need a brush that will remove dead hair, that will groom them properly, and that won’t scratch them or cause them any discomfort.

Best Brush For Long-haired Dachshund

The right brush for such a dog needs to have longer teeth while still being gentle. It should also have both wider and finer sections to help with both general brushing and detangling.

Of course, some brushes can work well for both short and long hair. Even longer-haired Doxies aren’t that fluffy compared to some larger breeds...

Best Brush For Both Short and Long-haired Dachshund

How To Use The Best Brush For Short Hair Dachshund Dogs?

Ideally, you will brush your dachshund every day but a minimum of 2-3 times a week should still be fine. 

All in all, while getting larger grooming kits is great, a good brush should still be useful and versatile enough to serve more than one purpose. Naturally, it should also be durable, gentle, and comfortable too.

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