Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix


The dachshund and Cavalier King Charles mix – a unique Dashalier pet. This new crossbreed is an excellent family pet for many different reasons. It has a joyous and social personality.

What Does A Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix Look Like?

With both Doxies and Cavalier spaniels being relatively small dogs, their mix is also usually just 13 to 20 inches tall (33 to 50 cm) and 15 to 25 pounds heavy (7 to 11 kg).

Dashalier Temperament

This is what makes the Dashalier such a great family pet – it marries the calm and aristocratic mentality of the Cavalier spaniel with the adventurous and strong-willed dachshund.

As a small and short-legged dog, the Dashalier doesn’t really need that much exercise. About an hour a day, divided between two 30-minute walks outside . . .

Cavalier Dachshund Mix Exercise Needs

Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix Health And Lifespan

On average, you can expect a 12 to 14-year lifespan of this breed – not quite the 16 years of the dachshunds, but still close.

Dashalier Puppies Pros And Cons

Pros - A great and social family pet -  Easily manageable small size -  Unique looks and personality

Dashalier Puppies Pros And Cons

Cons - Varying physical characteristics -  Separation anxiety can be an issue -  Potty training can take a while

Should You Get A Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix?

All in all, the Dashalier is excellent for anyone that’s looking for a mostly-indoors family pet. Small and manageable, these dogs don’t need a yard, require only a moderate time outdoors, and are very easy to look after in an apartment.

You should pick your pet well, of course – both in terms of choosing a temperament that’d suit you and for avoiding any health issues. 

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