Dachshund Speed


Doxies’ short legs are adorable and fun but they don’t seem like they are very well-suited for running. So, dachshund speed – sprinters, marathon runners, or couch potatoes?

What Is The Top Dachshund Speed You Can Expect To See From Your Dog?

So, how fast can a wiener dog run? By most estimates, the expected top speed of a dachshund is 15 to 20 mph or 24 to 32 km/h. 

How far can dachshunds run?

Dachshunds were bred as scenthounds, meaning that they were expected to walk at a slow pace, sniff for animals’ scents, and then only pick up the tempo once it’s time to jump. . .

The short and rather clear answer is that dachshunds really aren’t good jogging companions. If you’re an outdoorsy person or you want to work in that regard.

Should You Go Running With Your Dachshund?

Signs that your dachshund needs a break

• Licking of the air • Sniffing the ground • Panting • Yawning

Can you over-exercise your dachshund?

Dachshunds do need exercise to stay healthy and keep in shape, of course. Letting your dachshund get obese due to a lack of exercise can be quite bad too.

What Are The Dachshund’s Exercise Needs?

Doxies’ exercise needs are pretty manageable and easy to meet. All these dogs need are a couple of quick 20-30-minute walks a day. 

Alternative types of exercise suitable for dachshunds

Walks and light play sessions are the standard and typically viewed as the best form of exercise for a dachshund. One very underappreciated type of exercise, however, is swimming.

Dachshund speed can be pretty impressive when you observe it for the first time. Watching these pint-sized wiener dogs flying through the street at 20 mph can be outright astonishing. 

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