Dog IVDD Surgery Cost, Risks, Rehabilitation, And Alternatives

Intervertebral disc disorder or IVDD is quite a nasty condition. So, here we’ll go over the main dog IVDD surgery cost, risks, rehabilitation, and alternatives.

What Is The Standard Dog IVDD Surgery Cost You Can Expect To See?

This can obviously vary a lot depending on where you live. Even just in the US, the cost can vary greatly depending on which state you’re in.

Rehabilitation After Dog Disc Surgery Cost

As a spinal neurological disease that can fully paralyze your dog, IVDD needs more than just a surgery to be fully treated. 

If you know your dog is at a higher risk of developing IVDD, getting a good pet insurance can be a very smart idea.

Is Pet Insurance A Good Idea?

IVDD is an expensive problem to deal with as well as quite time-consuming and painful for the dog too. However, it is treatable, especially if you’ve caught it early and you’ve done everything according to your vet’s recommendations.

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