Great Dane Dachshund Mix – The Impossible Dog

The impossible dog - a Great Dane dachshund mix. Great Danes and Doxies can't physically breed. A female dachsund can't possibly give birth to such a crossbreed. Yet, this mix does exist as rare as it is.

Is The Great Dane Dachshund Mix Even A Real Breed?

It is and it isn't. A Great Dane Dachshund mix is "real" in so far as such dogs exist. But they are not a "natural" breed because these two parent breeds can't possibly procreate in nature.

How Can The Dachshund Great Dane Mix Even Be Bred?

Typically – through artificial insemination. With some mixed breeds where there’s a size difference between the two parents, it is possible for natural copulation with a small female from the larger breed and a large male from the smaller breed.

Most reputable kennel clubs denounce this breed. If you go out of your way you may find some kennels that haven't explicitly banned it. . .

Do Kennel Clubs and Breeders Recognize The Great Dane Wiener Dog Mix?

What Are The Physical Characteristics and Exercise Needs Of The Great Dane and Dachshund Mix?

1. There aren’t that many dogs of this cross because it’s not officially recognized and bred. 2. The resulting mixed pups can vary wildly in both size and physical characteristics.

What Is The Personality Of The Great Dane Dachshund Mix?

Both dachshunds and Great Danes have a very mild, gentle, and well-mannered nature which their owners love. Both parent breeds love to be around people and to spend most of their days snuggling in your arms or legs.

Health Specifics Of This Unique Crossbreed

– Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – Heart disease – Bloating – Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

If you want a gentle and loving dog from a unique breed - and if you don't mind the extra health costs - then you may be the right owner for such a dog. But we wouldn't say that you . . .

Is This Dog Right For You?

Great Danes and Doxies can’t physically breed, not to mention that a female dachshund can’t possibly give birth to such a crossbreed. Yet, this mix does exist as rare as it is.

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