How To Catch A Dog That Doesn’t Want To Be Caught

Knowing how to catch a dog that doesn’t want to be caught is an important skill to develop when bringing a new four-legged companion into the family. 

How Does A Disobedient Dog React Once Loose?

When a dog refuses to come back to its owner, it displays one of two reactions: passive or active disobedience. 

Why Do Dogs Refuse To Come?

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why your dog runs away especially when faced with it for the first time. The simplest answer is that they run from the owner in particular, but don’t take it personally. 

Even though in the house your dog doesn’t display the same frenetic energy to get away from you, outside is another matter. There are a multitude of stimuli outside from smells to sounds, and they can’t help themselves

They Can’t Help Themselves

They Don’t Trust You

If a dog has never been let off-leash they might just feel like there is no point in returning. Your dog knows that once back, there is not going to be any free-running and sees that as a bad thing.

They’re Having Fun

Sometimes dogs refuse to return out of fear of punishment for running away or simply because they’re having fun. Returning to its owner would mean the fun-time is over. This is a major indication that the dog needs better training.

A good deal of dedication, time, and steadfastness goes into learning how to catch a dog that doesn’t want to be caught. Don’t feel frustrated if it takes a while as not all dogs learn the same and it takes patience.

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