Impressive Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund

Dachshunds with long hair look quite imposing and a long haired blue merle dachshund has an even more unique aesthetic that appeals to many.

What Is A Long-Haired Blue Merle Dachshund?

On the surface level, a blue merle dachshund looks like any other dachshund but displays a more unique coloration. This often looks like patches of color from the base coat that show through.

Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund – Types Of Colors

Even with these diversified merle coat colors, some typical patterns tend to occur with regularity. Even if there is no exact way of predicting which coloration will emerge, there are some common forms of patterns.

The blue dapple dachshund is a full pattern covering the coat in a combination of a light base with dark patches. The merle gene was not as conventionally met within the doxie breed, but later it became more popular.

Blue Dapple

Silver Dachshund

Lighter shades of blue merle dachshund coat look silver and may have a blue undercoat. Dark patches also dapple this type of coat further accentuating the light color.

Double Papple

A dachshund that has both parents with dapple blue coats will result in a double dapple dachshund. White markings accompany the regular blue color of the doxie coat usually around the paws and neck.

Seeking to find a unique dog is something many dog owners strive for, in trying to make it all that more special. A long-haired blue merle dachshund is one very impressive dog with its unusual color and long flowing hair.

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