Isabella Dachshund Health Problems

Isabella dachshund’s health problems are a big concern for many Dachshund owners, as a specific gene influences both coat coloration and health.

What Is The Isabella Gene In Dachshunds?

The fawn color of a dachshund is the result of a recessive gene by the name of Isabella gene. What this gene does is dilute the base color which ordinarily is chocolaty brown. 

What Color Is An Isabella Dachshund? 

 With Isabella dachshunds, colors extend to a fawn or lilac color. Another uncommon color for dachshunds is blue or grey, but it can’t be categorized as blue isabella dachshund. 

Apart from unique circumstances that can cause health problems for Isabella dachshunds, some individuals can be quite healthy overall.

Isabella Dachshund Health Problems

Afflictions Caused By Isabella Dachshund Health Problems

• Color Dilution Alopecia • Skin Infection • Skin Cancer • Crushing Disease • Spinal Disc Damage • Patellar Luxation • Ear Infection

Isabella dachshund dogs are a rare divergence from regular doxies. The color of their coat is the result of a recessive gene. 

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