Jack Russell Dachshund Mix- Are They Prone To Health Problems?


Looking into getting a dog, mixed-breeds are one option, and knowing as much about them like Jack Russell dachshund mix lifespan is important.

Origins Of Jack Russell Dachshund Mix

The dachshund and Jack Russel terrier have their own separate history.

Physical Appearance

A dachshund and a Jack Russel both have comparatively very cute faces but are very different in other physical aspects. 

Size and Weight

Since both breeds are fairly small, the question then of how big will a Jack Russell Dachshund mix get remains.

Coat Type and Color

Jacks usually have double coats as opposed to the single coat from dachshunds.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix Lifespan and Health

One thing to consider is how long do Jack Russell Dachshund mixes live.

As far as health concerns go, mixed breeds can inherit many problems from either parent.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix Temperament

Both the dachshunds and Jack Russells are quite playful and goofy with a boundless energy supply.

Knowing what Jack Russell dachshund mix lifespan is but one piece of information about this dog. 

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