Mini Dachshund Neck Size For Collars, Harnesses, Clothes, And More

Having your dog’s accurate dimensions will help you know what sizes of collar, harness, and clothes you’re going to need as well as whether your dog is healthy and within the breed’s standard.

What’s The Average Adult Mini Dachshund Neck Size?

The expected average adult mini dachshund neck size is 8 to 13 inches or 20 to 34 cm. 

How To Measure Your Mini Dachshund Neck Size?

Place the tape measure where the collar is supposed to go, put two fingers under it for some comfort buffer, and gently press the tape measure to your dog’s fur – this is the neck size you should go with.

The 8 to 13 inch (20 to 34 cm) breed average mini dachshund neck size puts these dogs in the XS collar range. 

What Size Collar Does Your Miniature Dachshund Need?

What Else Do You Need To Measure Besides Neck Width For A Dog Harness?

• Your dog’s length from the back of the neck to the base of the tail etc.

What Does The Mini Dachshund Neck Size Mean For Doggy Clothes?

It’s easy to think that the exact mini dachshund neck size is less important for a coat than it is for a collar but that’s not the case.

If you’re interested in getting your dog clothes such as a winter coat, pajamas, or a sweater, then you still need to measure your dog’s neck alongside other parameters such as back length (neck to tail), chest width, and chest depth. 

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