My Dog Peed On My Bed For The First Time

Dogs are easier to deal with than cats in many ways but potty training isn’t one of them. So, my dog peed on my bed for the first time – what should I do?

My Dog Peed On My Bed For The First Time – What Might That Mean?

There really are three possible answers to that. Each has its own reasons and solutions, and, fortunately, most cases are fairly easy to deal with if you act soon and adequately enough.

Marking Territory

• It’s a newly adopted dog that’s trying to assert dominance. • An unneutered young male pup that’s just now reaching adolescence. • A poorly trained and disobedient dog . . .

• Fear and stress. • Prolonged loneliness. • Simple impatience.

Psychological Issues

Medical Problems

• Kidney disease • Kidney/bladder stones • Urethral sphincter incompetence • Cushing’s disease

My Dog Peed On My Bed For The First Time – What Can I Do?

• Give your dog plenty of walks. • Train your dog properly. • Be on track with your dog’s preventative medicine and health prevention.

Accidents sometimes happen, however, so you should always be ready to help your dog when there’s a problem. And, besides – keep in mind that it might just be a one-time problem and it isn’t always a symptom of something major.

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