Possible Reasons Why Your Dachshund Licks You So Much


Licking is a type of communication for dogs. We’re used to thinking that it’s just an expression of love but it can be much more than that too.

What does it mean when a dog continually licks you?

Dog licking is perfectly normal behavior in and of itself. However, if it’s getting pervasive then it’s worth looking into the reason behind it.

Most of the time it’s just borne out of boredom, anxiety, joy, attention-seeking, or separation anxiety.

However, there are some potential health conditions that may also cause this behavior such as allergies, nausea and stomach upset, parasites, or certain cognitive dysfunctions.

While there’s no need to immediately jump to conclusions, if you can’t pinpoint a specific behavioral explanation, it might be worth it to contact your vet.

Why do dachshunds lick your mouth?

Dogs love to lick, that much is clear. Why do they lick us on the mouth, however? Is there an extra reason that applies just in that case?

Not really – dachshunds and other breeds often prefer licking our faces and moths as they recognize that as a more personal and intimate area to lick than our hands and arms.

So, if your Doxie is extra anxious, especially happy, or missed you even more than usual, it’s normal that it’d go for the mouth rather than just your hands.

Why does my dachshund lick me so much before bed?

When a dog gets the urge to lick, be it for behavioral or health reasons, it doesn’t matter much what time of day it is.

Some dog owners do notice that their pups lick them extra enthusiastically right before bed – why is that?

On the one hand, it’s usually for all the usual reasons – boredom, anxiety, joy, or physical discomfort. These things just tend to happen often before bed.

On the other hand, many dogs have certain latent memories of licking their mom and siblings before falling asleep.

In that case, licking before bed can be a leftover behavior that the dog can’t shake.

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