Rarest Dachshund Colors- Red Brindle Long Haired Dachshund, Red Dapple


So, the red brindle long haired dachshund – looks, rarity, price, and more.

How much are red long haired dachshund?

You shouldn’t be surprised if you see such a pup sold for over $2,000 although you should be able to find some for ~$1,500 or even a bit less.

Is brindle a Dachshund color?

No, it’s a coat pattern. It’s most easily described as “tiger-like stripes on your dachshund”.

Such a pattern is pretty common on other dog breeds but is quite rare on a dachshund.

Are red dapple dachshunds rare?

That’s because the dapple feature is actually a coat pattern and not a color.

Because of a weird whim of genetics, dapple or merle red dachshunds are indeed quite rare.

Can dachshunds be brindle?

Brindle dachshunds aren’t very common – not nearly as much as Boxers, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, or some other breeds.

Few dogs are as cute as the Doxie and few Doxies are gorgeous as this one.

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