Training A Dachshund Not To Bark Quickly and Easily

Even though dachshunds are a hound breed and not a watchdog breed, they do love to bark. This poses the logical question of training a dachshund not to bark quickly and easily...

Training A Dachshund Not To Bark – 6 Easy Steps

When trying to figure out how to stop a dachshund from barking, the keyword is “Patience”. The process can seem tedious and even undoable at times. However, rest assured that any Doxie can be taught not to bark. All you need is patience, consistency, and to adhere to the 6 steps below.

1. Don’t Encourage Your Doxie To Bark

This can seem logical but a lot of people don’t realize that they are encouraging their dogs to bark on accident. A lot of dog owners will try to calm down their barking dog with pets, by talking to the dog, or even by giving it treats...

A different mistake dog owners make is thinking that if they ignore the problem, the dog will learn on its own that barking is pointless. While “the ignore method” often works with cats, it really doesn’t really work with dogs.

2. Don’t Just Let Your Dog Bark Itself Tired

3. Don’t Yell At Your Barking Dog and  Never Ever Hit It!

Yelling is generally a bad idea with dogs but it’s especially counterproductive with a barking dog. The only thing that you’re accomplishing when yelling at your dog is teaching the pooch that “Loud is good” and that there was indeed something to fear...

Why Do Dachshunds Bark A Lot?

It’s perfectly logical to think that only watchdogs and guard dog breeds are supposed to bark. However, the dachshund is neither of those types of dog. Instead, these little dogs were initially bred as badger-hunting hounds in Germany.

At the end of the day, they are dogs so barking is just natural to them. But, if you start early and patiently stick to the 6 steps above, then training a dachshund not to bark should be fairly easy.

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