What Are The Causes Dachshund Dry Skin?


Dry skin is as annoying for dogs as it is for people. So, here are 9 safe and effective dachshund dry skin remedies for your short-legged pooch.

Do You Need To Go To A Professional Groomer If Home Hachshund Dry Skin Remedies Don’t Work?

If none of the dachshund dry skin remedies we listed above is working then the person you need to call is your vet, not your groomer.

Still, once you’ve figured out what the issue is and how to treat it, getting a professional groomer’s help isn’t a bad idea.

What Causes Dachshund Skin Issues In The First Place?

Inadequate grooming Poor diet Too frequent bathing and/or the wrong bathing products Parasites Allergies

Skin infections Hypothyroidism Cushing’s Disease Auto-immune diseases Cancer

9 Dachshund Dry Skin Remedies

Olive oil in the food  – All you need is one small tablespoon of olive oil into your dog’s food.

Fortunately, most of them are pretty harmless if treated quickly and effectively. 

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