What Exactly Is A Light Red Long Haired Dachshund?


Dachshund colors can be confusing as there are just so many of them! For example, let’s look at the light red long haired dachshund.

What is an EE red Dachshund?

An EE red dachshund is the technical term for an English Cream or Clean Cream dachshund.

How much are red long haired dachshund dogs?

Red is the most common color for long haired dachshunds so a fully red long haired Doxie with no extra coat features (sable, shaded, cream red, etc.)

Are red dapple Dachshunds rare?

Dapple dachshunds are relatively rare.

Double dapples often have over 80% white on their coats and that’s associated with the development of congenital blindness and deafness.

What is a clear red Dachshund?

When we say “clear red” we usually mean a standard red dachshund with no dark sable or shaded hairs.

However, as the latter is a very rare diluted red cream color instead of simple clear red.

If you have the finds and you’re ready to go the extra mile to ensure the pup’s health, then – yes.

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