What Is A Group Of Dachshunds Called – 15 Awesome Ideas!


You get one Doxie and you’re blissfully happy but once you get a second Doxie and you start to wonder “What is a group of dachshunds called?”

Is There An Official Word For A Pack Of Dachshunds?

So, what is a group of dachshunds called officially? Well, there doesn’t seem to be a word for it. The default term should therefore be “a pack”, probably, but you’d never see a Doxie owner referring to their two mini wieners by “the pack”, would you?

Can You Say “A Herd Of Dachshunds”?

You probably could and everyone would probably get what you mean but it doesn’t really feel like an official term, does it? If anything, it does seem a bit ...

‣ A moxie of Doxies ‣ A royalty of dachshunds ‣ An entourage of dachshunds ‣ A schnitzel of dachshunds ...

What Terms Have People Come Up With For “A Group Of Dachshunds”?

In Conclusion, What Is A Group Of Dachshunds Called – Whatever You Feel Like!

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