What Were Dachshunds Bred To Hunt – A Surprising History


Many people today don’t realize that dachshunds were bred as hunting companions for centuries. So, what were dachshunds bred to hunt – here’s their surprising history.

What Were Dachshunds Bred To Hunt Originally?

As with many other things in the canine world – the clue is in the name. Dachs-hund literally translates as Badger-hound in German.

Is Dachshund Badger Hunting Still A Thing?

Indeed they are. Dachshunds are among the Top 10 hunting dog breeds still used for their intended purpose today.

What breed is “best” can be pretty subjective. It depends on the type of rabbit, the type of environment, and the preferred style/method of hunting of the hunter.

Are Dachshunds The Best Dog For Hunting Rabbits?

Many dachshunds today are taken just as family pets and they certainly fit that role beautifully. However, their hunting instincts do come into play during their family life as well.

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