What Is A Tweenie Dachshund? Discover Why You Need A Tweenie In Your Life!

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We’ve all heard of standard and miniature dachshunds, but what is a tweenie dachshund? And how big is this type of dachshund? Let’s find out!

What Are The Different Size Of Dachshund?

Most breed societies and kennel clubs officially recognize two sizes of dachshund, but in some countries, a third is also accepted. The two most common and well-known dachshund sizes are the miniature dachshund and the standard dachshund. The third is a smaller type of dachshund of German origin known as the kaninchen dachshund.

For any official classification of a dog breed, the kennel club organizations set out specific height and weight guidelines that the dog must fall within.

For example, for a dachshund to be classified as a standard dachshund, it must weigh between 16 and 32 pounds and stand between eight and nine inches tall. A miniature dachshund must weigh 11 pounds and under and stand between five and six inches tall.

Other than these height restrictions, standard and miniature dachshunds are identical in terms of physical appearance. They both have the classic long, muscular body and short, stumpy legs, which gives them the nickname sausage dogs or wiener dogs. Both of these types of dachshunds can be smooth-haired, long-haired or wire-haired.

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What Is A Tweenie Dachshund?

So where do tweenie dachshunds fit into this? Exactly what is a tweenie dachshund and is it a true dachshund?

The term tweenie is used by dachshund breeders and fans of this breed to describe a dachshund that fits midway between the standard and miniature categories in terms of height and weight.

The name tweenie is used in human terms as an abbreviation of tweenager – an older child who is not quite a teenager. The term has been adopted by dachshund fans to describe a dog that is too big to be a miniature dachshund but is not quite big enough to be a standard dachshund.

Tweenie dachshunds are not recognized as a breed or type of dog in their own right, but it is an affectionate term used by fans of this breed. Unfortunately, as these dogs do not fit into any of the recognized size categories of dachshund, they will not meet the breed society standard if entered into pedigree dog shows.

How Big Is A Tweenie Dachshund?

The assessment of how big a tweenie dachshunds is normally goes on the weight of the dog. Tweenie dachshund weight normally falls between 11 and 16 pounds – too heavy to be a miniature dachshund, but too lightweight to be a standard dachshund.

The height of a dachshund tweenie will normally be around six to eight inches tall, but there is no official height range for this type of dachshund.

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Do Tweenie Dachshunds Make Good Pets?

Tweenie dachshunds have the same characteristics and body shape as both standard and miniature dachshunds – it is the size that changes, not the personality and appearance! Many people prefer this mid-size type of dachshund as they find it suits their lifestyle and home.

As with any type of dog, you need to weigh up carefully to decide whether a dachshund is the right choice for you and your family. It is all too easy to fall in love with the cute sausage-dog body and floppy ears, and later realize that these dogs are not a good match for your situation!

Advantages Of Owning A Tweenie Dachshund

Dachshunds, whatever size they are, make fun and intelligent pets that fit easily into busy family life. These dogs are clever, quick thinking and enjoy spending time with their favorite humans. Dachshunds are small enough to make good apartment dogs, as they do not take up a great deal of space in the house.

Dachshunds are energetic little dogs and will need to get out and about several times a day to burn off this energy. However, for the rest of the time, they are happy to snuggle in their favorite place near their human family. They do not necessarily need long walks but will need to time to run and play every day.

This comical little breed also bonds well with dogs of a similar size, and you will often find that people own dachshunds in pairs. They like to snuggle and play together and will keep each other company.

Why A Tweenie Dachshund May Be A Bad Choice

While we are huge fans of dachshunds, in some situations a tweenie dachshund is not the right choice for you and your family. These little dogs thrive on attention and will not cope well with being left alone for long periods every day.

They can also struggle to bond easily with other dogs and maybe snappy when they meet them out walking. The hunting instincts of a dachshund also means they are likely to chase cats and other small animals.

Dachshunds are also very vocal dogs and will alert you to every visitor to your house. This can be useful at times, but they may also bark at anybody walking past the window or the slightest little noise.

The intelligence of dachshunds makes them easy to train, but they will take advantage of any lapse in training or vigilance that enables them to break the rule. Luckily, if these dogs are kept mentally and physically occupied, they are generally trouble-free pets that are a lot of fun to own.

Summary – What Is A Tweenie Dachshund?

So, as we have learned, a tweenie dachshund is smaller than a standard dachshund, but bigger than a miniature dachshund! This size of dachshund may occur when a standard dachshund turns out smaller than expected, or a miniature dachshund is larger than planned. Crossing a standard dachshund with a miniature dachshund can also create a tweenie dachshund.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what is a tweenie dachshund! Have you always dreamed of owning a dachshund but are unsure of what type to get? Or maybe you have some questions about how to choose the right dachshund puppy for you and your family? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

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