Daug – The Fascinating Wiener Dog and Pug Mix

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The Daug dog is a charming wiener dog and pug mix that’s a very recent discovery but has quickly started gaining popularity among designer dog fans in the US. It is a cross between two of the most popular dog breeds in the world – pug and dachshund. It’s also called a Pugsund as well as Daug. Is this new breed a good family pet, however, and would it be suitable for your home?

What Does a Daug Look Like?

Pugs and dachshunds are similar in some ways and different in many others. As a result, the exact look of a wiener dog and pug mix will depend on which parent the pup takes more from.

This means that the Pugsund will either have short legs like the dachshund or more standard length legs like the pug. The same goes for the muzzle – it will either be flat like that of a pug or elongated as it is with dachshunds. It can also be somewhere in between too. It’s also possible that the dachshund pug mix has the signature loose skin and folds of the pug.

There are various possibilities for the coat of the Daug too as dachshunds can have various coats themselves. Dachshunds can be either wirehaired, longhaired, or smooth and the same goes for the Pugsund. As for the color, it can also vary greatly with the most common colors being Cream, Chocolate, Fawn, Gray, Black, Red, Wild Boar, or Fawn. Any combination of these colors is also possible and the Daug can either have the pug’s black muzzle or not.

Size-wise, things are a bit more standardized as both breeds tend to be small. So, a Daug will usually be around 8 to 13 inches tall (20-33 cm), depending on its legs’ length. If a pug is mixed with a miniature dachshund, however, the resulting Daug can be as short as 5-6 inches (12-15 cm). As for the weight, a Pugsund can weigh anywhere between 14 and 32 pounds (6-14 kg).

In short – a Daug can look in many different ways. If you want to know how your pup will look when you adopt or purchase it, it’s important that you speak with the breeder. Seeing the parents in person is also crucial and it will give you even more insight as to how your pup will turn out to look.

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Is The Personality of A Dachshund Pug Mx Problematic?

Judging the personality of a mixed designer breed is always a challenge and the Pugsund is no exception. Both pugs and dachshunds are very strong-willed dogs too. Additionally, this is a very recent breed, so we don’t have much data to go off of.

As far as we can tell, however, the personality of the Daug breed appears relatively consistent given that but pugs and dachshunds are similar in a lot of ways. Both parent breeds are loving and playful family dogs, both can be a bit self-minded and independent, and both usually function best as single pets.

All that seems to apply to the Pugsund as well. The breed needs proper socialization even if it’s going to be your only pet but especially if you want to have other dogs or kids. This isn’t to say that Daug dogs can do well with kids – they can but as long as you’ve trained them properly. Obedience training itself is also very important as it is for both dachshunds and pugs.

Another major thing to keep in mind is separation anxiety. Both dachshunds and pugs are very prone to developing anxiety and depressive tendencies when left home alone and the same goes for the Pugsund. If you plan on leaving your pup alone for extended periods of time each day then you may look into the following:

  • Hire a dog walker or a dog sitter
  • Arrange playdates with other dog owners for when you’re at work
  • Find a way to work from home or have another family member at home when you’re at work
  • Get your Daug new interactive dog toys every once in a while so the pup can keep busy
  • Give your pet a lot of love and attention when you’re home and just before leaving.
  • Get a second dog and socialize the two pups well so that they get along and keep each other company
  • Install nanny cams in your home to keep an eye out for symptoms of separation anxiety

If none of the above is an option, it’s probably best not to get a Daug.

How Much Exercise Does A Pug Mixed with Wiener-Dog Need?

As neither the dachshund nor the pug requires too much exercise, the same goes for the Daug. Two daily walks of moderate length (~30 minutes each) are usually enough time for these little guys. Don’t skip the indoors or yard playtime either, of course. A Pugsund that isn’t active enough every day can be prone to obesity as well as depression.

pug mixed with wiener dog

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Wiener-Dog and Pug Mix Health Breakdown

The wiener dog and pug mix can inherit certain health issues from either parent. Or, it can have no harmful genetic predispositions at all. That’s why it’s important to always see the pup’s parents ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to get health certificates for both them and the pup.

From the pug side, a Daug can have a flat face (Brachycephalic Syndrome) and all the corresponding respiratory problems, difficulties breathing, difficulties cooling, overheating due to high stress or temperatures, and so on. If the Daug is not flat-faced, however, none of these will be a problem.

From the dachshund’s side, a Pugsund can develop the signature wiener dog body shape – elongated torso and short legs. This will translate into a predisposition for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Then again, if the pup has more of a pug’s body shape, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Additional things to watch out for include eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and other things such as Mitral Valve Disease. Never skip the regular vet check-ups and always maintain a good diet and a proper exercise regime to avoid most issues.

The Pros and Cons of The Wiener Dog and Pug Mix


  • Adorable and varying look
  • Moderate exercise needs
  • A mostly indoor pet that’s suitable for apartment living
  • A social and gentle breed that loves to be hugged and petted


  • Stubborn personality and potential training difficulties
  • Certain health risks if the dog is purchased from the wrong breeder
  • Aggression toward other dogs and pets if the Daug is not socialized properly

Is The Daug The Right Dog for You?

The wiener dog and pug mix is ideal for one-pet households. It’s great for apartments and for people who prefer to spend a lot of time at home. If you want to have other pets, however, you’re going to have to go through extensive socialization and training.

Furthermore, if you work outside of home you may have problems keeping your Pugsund from descending into severe separation anxiety. If you’re often at home, however, and you want a small and snuggly canine to keep you company, the Daug is an excellent choice.


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