Wild Boar Colored Dachshund – What Is This Unique Doxie?

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Wild Boar wire haired dachshunds are one of the rarest and most beautiful coat types out there. So, Wild Boar colored dachshund – what is this unique Doxie? Is it really that rare, why does it look like that, how expensive is it, and is it healthy? We’ll try to answer all of those and other crucial questions below.

What Does The Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Look Like?

In essence, the Wild Boar dachshund’s coat looks like the coat of a wild boar – hence the name. To put it a bit better, the Wild Boar coat has a sort of shading similar to that of the much more common long haired red shaded dachshunds.

This “shading” essentially means that your dog’s hairs change color as they grow – they start with a lighter color around the base and get darker or outright black nearer the tips. This shading effect is quite gorgeous on any dog but looks especially good on a Wild Boar.


What distinguishes the Wild Boar from a red shaded dachshund is the fact that the former has a grey or tan base that grows into brown or black tips. Parts of the muzzle and the paws of Wild Boars also lack shading most of the time and have a clean lighter color while the tail is almost entirely black.

What’s more, Wild Boars are wire haired which further compliments to look where as red shaded dachshunds tend to be long haired.

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Is The Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Always Wire Haired?

There are the occasional smooth (short) haired dachshund with a Wild Boar pattern but those are even rarer. What’s more, they are often mistaken for a heavily shaded tan or red Doxie so many owners don’t even realize that they have a Wild Boar.

Why Do Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Look Like This?

The genetics of the Wild Boar dachshund are complicated to explain as there are some 7 different locust gene pairings that come into play here. The shaded effect happens due to a combination of these genetic loci (multiple of locus) and the K locus for black color.

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The difference between Wild Boars and red shaded long haired dachshund is in the base color (tan/grey in Wild Boar vs red in red shaded) and the type of coat – wire haired vs long-haired).

How Rare Are Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Pups?

You’ll frequently see Wild Boar dachshunds mentioned as one of the Top 10 most rare dachshund colors and patterns. And that is true, they are that rare. However, there are a couple of things to note here:

  • While they are rare, Wild Boar colored dachshunds aren’t as rare as English Creams or fully black dachshunds – they are in a second “less rare” category in that regard
  • Wild Boars are as rare as they are large because this pattern is (near) exclusive to wire haired dachshunds
  • This coat pattern is not that rare as to necessitate inbreeding by as many breeders and puppy mills as some rarer coat types
  • The Wild Boar is still recognized as an official dachshund coat type by most kennel clubs so it’s not that rare

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Are Wild Boar Colored Dachshunds As Healthy As Other Doxies?

There’s nothing in the genetic make up of the Wild Boar dachshund that’d give it extra health problems compared to the more common Doxie coat types. So, just make sure that you’re taking a healthy pup from healthy parents and everything should be all right.

Are Wild Boar Colored Dachshunds As Healthy As Other Doxies

Should You Get A Wild Boar Doxie?

If you can afford it and you’ve found one that comes with a reputable health certificate – there is no reason not to. Wild Boars don’t really have any extra health issues compared to other dachshunds so that’s not something to make breeding and buying them “unethical”.

As with any other rare dog coat type or sub-breed, there is always the risk of inbreeding. This can be circumvented by just shopping from reputable breeders that offer health and hereditary certificates for their dogs.

From there, the only other thing of note is to make sure that you really are buying a Wild Boar as this coat pattern solidifies around the 6th month. In other words – many pups look like they’d grow into a Wild Boar coat but the shading fades after a few months. So, don’t overpay for a shaded wire haired dachshund if it’s younger than 6 months and you don’t know what its parents looked like.


What color is the wild boar Dachshund?

The Wild Boar coat type is almost exclusively found in wire-haired dachshunds and includes a mixture of colors – that’s what makes it “Wild Boar”, the fact that each individual hair changes color as it grows. So, the base of each strand is usually lighter and gets darker to black at the tips.
The exact colors and shades can vary, however, with the most common ones including tan, grey, brown, and black. There can also be red, blue, and chocolate hues to the coat as well.

What is a wild boar wire-haired Dachshund?

Any wire-haired dachshund that has hair that changes color as it grows can be seen as a “Wild Boar”. This unique coat pattern can include various color hues but has tan and grey hairs at the base growing into black and brown hairs near the tips.

Are wild boar Dachshunds rare?

This unique coat pattern is quite rare for dachshunds. Most experts and kennel clubs list the Wild Boar Doxie as one of the Top 10 rarest coat patterns. Still, it’s not quite as rare as English Cream or fully black dachshunds. The rarity of the Wild Boar is further aided by the fact that it’s present (almost) exclusively in wire-haired dachshund dogs whereas other rare colors and coat patterns can be seen in two or all three of the dachshund coat types (short, long, and wire haired).

What does a Wild Boar Dachshund look like?

A Wild Boar Doxie is a fascinating coat pattern where most individual hairs of the coat will exhibit more than one color – typically being lighter at the base and getting darker and black toward the tips. The feet and muzzle will typically be entirely light while the tail is uniformly black.
This unique shading, together with the wire-haired dachshund’s signature terrier-like “beard” around the muzzle, makes this one of the most gorgeous and eye-catching coat types for dachshunds.