What Should You Know About The Wirehaired Mini Dachshund?

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If you’re looking for a terrier-like tiny Doxie, here’s what you should know about the wirehaired mini dachshund. These little canines look like feisty hot dogs and that’s very much what you’d get with such a pet. So, let’s go over the physical, health, temperamental, grooming, and exercise needs and characteristics of the wirehaired mini dachshund.

What Exactly Is A Wirehaired Mini Dachshund?

One of the three main coat types of dachshunds together with shorthaired (also called smooth-haired) and longhaired dachshunds, this wiry-coated canine is the result of German breeders crossing shorthaired Doxies with wirehaired terriers. You’d think the reason they did it is quite obvious – to see just how adorable such a cross would look like.

And that very well may have been a factor, however, back then such crosses were done with practical reasons in mind. Dachshunds are a scent hound breed, meant to chase foxes and badgers through their forests and down their burrows. So, the breeders at the time decided to add a bit of terrier to the cross to see if that’d improve performance.


Did It?

Not really – wirehaired dachshunds today are regarded as excellent scent hounds but not necessarily better or worse at the job than shorthaired or longhaired dachshunds. There are some very slight personality differences we’ll touch on below but, all in all, the German breeders just ended up creating a different coat type which is great for pet lovers today.

As for the “mini” part of the equation – that was also done with hunting in mind as standard dachshunds were a bit too large to go down the burrows of rabbits. So, many breeders just started dividing their dogs into two categories – larger and smaller ones – until two distinct size categories became clear. Today mini dachshunds are extra popular as pets but they too were first created as hunters.

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Do These Dogs Have Any Extra Health Or Grooming Needs?

A wirehaired mini dachshund isn’t supposed to have any extra health issues compared to standard dachshunds or those with other coat types. As long as the dog comes from a healthy stock, you should have little trouble looking after a healthy pup for close to two decades. Of course, standard health issues such as IVDD are still something to watch out for but that’s it.

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Wirehaired Mini Dachshund

As for grooming – yes, a wirehaired dachshund will need a bit of extra brushing and grooming. These dogs are double-coated so they do shed so daily brushing or at least 2-3 times a week is good. Add a monthly bad and your dog’s coat should be little trouble.

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What Is The Wirehaired Mini Dachshund Personality You Can Expect To Encounter?

The addition of some terrier blood to the mix does make the wirehaired dachshund extra playful, willful, and self-driven compared to other dachshunds. The difference isn’t all that significant, however, given that Doxies already were pretty stubborn as a scent hound breed. So, while some obedience training and extra patience with the potty training will be necessary, don’t think that you’ll be getting a dog that’s “impossible to train” or something like that.

How Much Exercise Does A Wirehaired Mini Dachshund Need?

As a mini dachshund, your pet will need a couple of quick walks outside every day but nothing too extensive and exhausting – usually under an hour of outdoor time a day. Add as much indoor playtime as your dog needs and you should have a healthy, happy, and fit pet on your hands.

How Much Exercise Does A Wirehaired Mini Dachshund Need

Should You Get A Wirehaired Mini Dachshund?

If you want to then, yes, absolutely. There’s literally no drawback to this sub-breed compared to other dachshunds and wirehaired Doxies do look categorically adorable. So, just make sure that you pick a healthy puppy from the shelter or a reputable breeder, and go for it.


Do wirehaired Dachshunds shed?

Many people expect all wirehaired dog breeds to be single-coated and not shed much or at all. That’s not the case, however. Many wirehaired dogs are double-coated and so is the wirehaired dachshund. This means that these Doxies do shed a fair amount daily and even shed a bit extra during their seasonal coat blowing – in early spring and autumn, most of the time.
So, if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic pet that won’t leave dog hair on the couch, this ain’t it. Nevertheless, dachshunds are small dogs, especially their miniature variety. This matters as it means less hair overall compared to a larger breed. Also, wirehaired dachshunds shed a bit more than other Doxies but are still considered a “moderate shedder” for the canine world as a whole. So, with regular brushing and grooming, you should have little issues keeping the shedding to a minimum.

Are wirehaired Dachshunds rare?

Wirehaired dachshunds are the less common of the three dachshund coat types, the other two being shorthaired and longhaired dachshunds. That being said, we wouldn’t exactly call them “rare”. Dachshunds as a whole are a highly popular dog breed so you should be able to find wirehaired dachshunds in most shelters and at reputable breeders with ease. Of course, if you’re looking for a rarer coat color of wirehaired dachshunds such as a Wild Boar or something similar, you may need to spend more time looking. But that’s the case for all rare dachshund colors.

What does a wirehaired Dachshund look like?

When people haven’t seen a wirehaired dachshund before, they are often surprised at what this sub-breed looks like. Reactions such as “Wait, this is a dachshund?” are not uncommon as the wirehaired Doxie does resemble a terrier quite a bit. This is no accident – this coat-type sub-breed was made precisely by mixing shorthaired dachshunds with terriers centuries ago. So, the wirehaired dachshund does look like a “regular” dachshund with a more wiry coat and the classical terrier “beard”.

Are wirehaired dachshunds good pets?

Hearing that wirehaired dachshunds are related to terriers can bring up some suspicions – are wirehaired Doxies too willful and stubborn to be good pets? While it is true that wirehaired dachs pups are more self-driven, other dachshunds aren’t exactly “obedient” either. All in all, the wirehaired dachs is a great pet as are other dachshund dogs.