Dachshund Rash Under Armpit – Causes And Concerns

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We often ignore rashes on our skin cause we know what caused them or what to do if they escalate. Finding a rash on your dog can be concerning, however, as you usually have no idea why it’s there. Plus, the dog’s fur often hides most small rashes and we only notice them once they’ve gotten out of hand. So, let’s go over the possible causes and concerns of a dachshund rash under the armpit.

My Dachshund Has A Rash Under The Armpit – What Does It Mean?

Dachshunds do have a skin condition or two that are unique to the breed. However, most of the time, a rash on your dachshund’s armpit won’t be anything too special compared to other breeds. Most dogs have four or five main possible causes for a rash and pretty much all of them can be treated or at least managed if caught early enough.

The armpit is a rather specific location too so it does help us narrow the list of suspects down a bit. So, while sunburns often cause or look like rashes, if we’re talking about the armpit we’d assume it isn’t a sunburn.

Dachshund Skin Diseases That Can Cause A Rash Under The Armpit

There are numerous skin conditions in dachshunds you’d want to watch out for. This isn’t to say that Doxies are more susceptible to skin problems, however, as most of those apply to all dog breeds. Here’s what you ought to keep in mind:

Yeast Infection

A type of dermatitis or Malassezia Dermatitis to be exact, yeast infections look like a pinkish rash. They often form in folded skin such as under the armpit or behind the ears. These infections cause a persistent itch and can turn your dog’s skin stinky and crusty if left untreated.

A good anti-fungal shampoo is usually enough to deal with this infection. If it has gotten out of hand, your vet may prescribe some medications as well. People often recommend adding some yogurt to your dog’s food or dabbing some aloe vera on the rash. We do recommend going to the vet immediately, however.

Seasonal Allergies

Inhalation allergy and canine atopy are quite common in a lot of dogs. Typically caused by seasonal pollens your dog is exposed to during your springtime walks, such allergies can cause itching and rashes. Doxies aren’t the most outdoorsy breed, however, they are lower to the ground than most other dogs and can easily get such allergies as they run through the grass.

Skin Allergies

Such allergies can be caused by a lot of things – swimming in a chlorinated pool, being bathed with the wrong shampoo or conditioner, certain skin medications, and more. Naturally, skin allergies can cause skin problems such as rashes and itching. Not all allergy-related rashes and itching are caused by skin allergies, however.

Food Allergies

Many dogs are allergic to certain food types and Doxies are no exception. Wheat, grain, milk, beef, and chicken are some of the most common allergies. Pretty much all of them can cause rashes and itching alongside other symptoms such as sneezing, hair loss, pink eyes, hot spots, ear infections, as well as a yeast infection. We’ve covered what to do if your dachshund has a food or skin allergy here.


Often referred to as “a chub rub”, chafing is a common problem in dogs that wear harnesses instead of collars. Then again, a collar can cause chafing too, just around the neck rather than on the chest and under the armpits. With smaller dogs like the dachshund, however, such chafing is especially common as we tend to often lift dachshunds up and carry them around by the harness. This isn’t a bad practice either – it’s often better to lift your Doxie that way rather than let him damage his back by jumping up or down the stairs. Chafing is just an unfortunate side effect of the whole thing.


We usually associate mange with street dogs and coyotes but it can happen to domesticated and indoorsy animals too. Mange is caused by the Scabies mites and they can be easily transmitted from one dog to another. The infection’s first sign is usually an itchy rash that will quickly grow into crusty and hairless skin. Get your dog to the vet immediately and you’ll get the infection under control.

Other Parasites

Fleas, ticks, and other bugs are common problems for most dogs. These can cause rashes among other things but are all easy to treat, especially if you catch them early on.

Other Parasites

Can Acanthosis Nigricans Give A Dachshund Rash?

We’ve talked about Acanthosis Nigricans before. This condition is relatively unique to dachshunds and it causes a darkening of the skin. It’s not really known for causing rashes, however, even though it can be itchy. Unless your dachshund’s skin is getting noticeably darker, it likely isn’t Acanthosis Nigricans.

So, My Dachshund Has A Rash Under The Armpit – What To Do?

We’d recommend just going to the vet immediately, even if you have a likely theory as to what caused the rash. Chafing doesn’t really necessitate a vet visit but it won’t hurt either. From there, the vet will likely recommend certain skin ointments and diet changes/supplements based on the condition.

We can suggest various home remedies too if you want – omega fatty acids in the food, canine probiotics, a bath with a hypoallergenic dog shampoo, smearing some aloe vera on the rash, etc., etc. However, a rash is a medical condition, at the end of the day. So, a visit to a medical professional is the most responsible thing to do.

How To Prevent A Dachshund From Developing A Rash Under The Armpit?

If you want to avoid dealing with any of the problems above, you’ll just have to keep them in mind in your day-to-day life with your dog:

  • Use flea and tick preventatives monthly
  • Avoid foods that may trigger your dog’s allergies
  • Get good canine bathing products
  • Brush and groom your dog regularly
  • Check your dog’s skin for irritations to catch any problems early
  • Avoid irritants such as essential oils

That, together with routine vet check-ups should keep all possible risks to a minimum.

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