How To Say Dachshund In German?

“Dachshund” is a German word meaning “badger dog”. The pronunciation of the name changes depending on whether it’s said in English, French or any other language. This resource will teach you how to say dachshund and some words that might be associated with this animal.

The “how to pronounce dachshund dog” is a German word. The pronunciation of the word is “Dak-shun.”

Why do they call dachshunds doxies?

A: Dachshunds are a type of hound dog that originated in Germany. They have short legs, long bodies, and a long tail with a brush at the end. These dogs were bred to hunt badgers and other burrowing animals by following their scent underground.

The “dachshund pronunciation uk” is a dog breed that originated in Germany. The word dachshund translates to mean badger hound in German.

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