How To Say Dachshund?

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“Dachshund” is a word of German origin in which the first element means “badger dog”. The term describes any short-legged hound, typically with a long body and docked tail. It originally referred to two breeds: the Dachsbracke, or badger hunter breed (of similar size to Scottish terrier) and the Zwergaugele, or dwarf wiener dog.

Dachshund is a German word that means “badger hound” and is the name of a breed of dogs. The word comes from the Low German dialect for badger dog, Dachs hund. Read more in detail here: how to say dachshund in german.

The “dachshund pronunciation in hindi” is a dog breed that originated from Germany. It has short legs and long body with a long, narrow head. The name of the dachshund comes from the German word meaning “badger hound”.

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