16 Awesome Floppy Ear Dog Breeds


Dog ears come in dozens of different shapes and sizes. Floppy ears, however, are our fan favorites! Here are 16 awesome floppy ear dog breeds.

Floppy Ear Dog Breeds

While most people immediately think of bloodhounds, there are actually many dogs with floppy ears. Even breeds like the German Shepherds can have floppy ears but most breeders and dog owners “train” their ears to stand upright.

So, What Exactly Are Floppy Ears?

Any ear that’s hanging down either from its base or that starts hanging after going up for a bit is technically a “floppy ear”.

If all dogs are descendants of wolves and wolves don’t have floppy ears, then why do some dog breeds have this feature?

Why Even Are There Floppy Ear Dog Breeds?

Long or short, v-shaped or wide, rose or cocked, floppy ears are all beautiful! Some dog owners dislike them and try to train certain breeds’ ears to stand straight up but, for us, few things are cuter than the velvety floppy ear of a dachshund or a lab.

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