20 Different Colors Of Dachshunds


Many dog breeds come in just one or two colors. Others like the dachshund, however, are much more diverse. 

The 20 Different Colors Of Dachshunds

1. Red – very common color often associated with dachshunds. 2. Cream – quite a rare color, especially if we’re looking at English cream dachshunds that many people view as “true cream dachshunds”.

3. Chocolate – solid chocolate dachshunds are pretty rare too but not as rare as black or English cream Doxies. 4. Fawn – also called Isabella, fawn is a diluted red color caused by the Color Dilution Alopecia condition.

5. Blue – also called grey, dachshunds with this solid color are diluted versions of the chocolate dachshund, again due to Color Dilution Alopecia. 6. Black – a solid black color is the rarest color a dachshund can have.

Most of the time when we’re talking about dog color we’re only talking about aesthetics and personal preferences. There are a few rare cases where the color of the Doxie can inform you about its health prospects.

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