200 Fascinating and Different Male Wiener Dog Names


If you’ve just got a tiny Doxie pup and you’re wondering what to call him, here’s our list of 200 fascinating and different male wiener dog names...

Top 22 Classic Male Wiener Dog Names

What other people consider popular should matter little when it comes to you and your dog but why not go over the most popular and classic names first before we delve into the more weird suggestions. 1. Cooper 2. Oscar 3. Peanut 4. Jack ...

What Makes Great Male Weenie Dog Names As Good As They Are?

With the classics out of the way, let’s take a second to look into what makes a great dog name before we move on to more suggestions. Naturally, the first criterion for a dog name is that it should be something you’ll like saying. After all, the dog itself doesn’t really care what scribbles are drawn on the front page of its passport.

As dachshunds are a traditionally German breed, it’s perfectly intuitive and logical to consider some German names for your Doxie too...

30 German-Inspired Male Dachshund Names

24 Candy-Inspired Male Dachshund Dog Names

Dachshunds don’t just look like a tasty sausage – they also adorably resembles a delicious chocolate treat. So, what better name for a Doxie than Almond Joy or Biscotti?...

22 Norse Mythology Male Wiener Dog Names That Will Make Your Doxie Sound Like A Viking

Germanic and Norse mythologies are very closely intertwined which makes them a perfect source for your male dachshund’s name. Such names are both well-known, German-sounding, and truly epic.

At the end of the day, the perfect wiener dog name should be personal too, so anything can work as long as it feels right for you and your dog.

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