22 Awesome Dog Breeds With Gold Eyes Or Amber Eyes


Everyone loves a blue-eyed dogs but dog breeds with yellow eyes are equally captivating. Here are 22 awesome dog breeds with gold eyes or amber eyes.

11 Gold-Eyed Dog Breeds:

– Dachshund – Havanese dog – Irish water spaniel – Australian shepherd – Ibizan hound – Rhodesian Ridgeback – Pharaoh hound – Chesapeake bay retriever – Pitbull terrier – American Brittany – Cirneco dell’Etna

11 Amber-Eyed Dog Breeds:

– Weimaraner – Bluetick coonhound – Great Dane – Greyhound – Sloughi – Neapolitan mastiff – Poodle – Bedlington terrier – Curly-coated retriever – American hairless terrier – Heeler

There is a popular myth that dog breeds with gold or amber eyes are more aggressive. This isn’t at all true, however. There isn’t anything in the D and B loci that cause the blue and liver genes that affects the dogs’ temperament and personality.

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