4 Things You Can Do If Your Dachshund Steals Socks 


Are you here cause your dachshund puppy steals socks – here’s why and 4 things you can do.

So, Your Dachshund Puppy Steals Socks – Why?

Socks are a perfect size – big enough to be fun to play with but not too big to be unwieldy

They are light enough to carry around, toss in the air, and “fight” with Their texture is weird, and different, but also fun from a dog’s perspective

Socks smell like you which is a great plus new dog toys don’t have Other people’s socks may not smell like you but they also smell “funny”

Your Dachshund Puppy Steals Socks – What To Do?

Now that we know the problem, finding the right solution shouldn’t be all that complicated.

Give your dog plenty of playtime alternatives – lots of dog toys including new dog toys every once in a while

Get your socks, clothes, and other such items away from your dog’s reach – fortunately, dachshunds aren’t exactly tall so this shouldn’t be difficult

Give your dog plenty of exercise, playtime, and attention – make sure that it’s never bored or deprived of love

Make sure separation anxiety is never a factor for your dog – dachshunds really don’t tolerate being left home alone

It’s as easy as that – just focus your dog’s attention away from your laundry and toward something more adequate and desirable as a dog toy.

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