5 Big Hip Problems In Dachshunds – Causes, Prevention, and Treatments


Hip joint problems are a major concern for a lot of Doxie owners. So, let’s talk about the 5 big hip problems in dachshunds – causes, prevention, and treatments.

How Common Are Hip Problems In Dachshunds?

There isn’t an exact percentage that can be given about hip problems in dachshunds and in dogs in general, as the vast majority of cases usually go ignored and unaddressed.

What Are The 5 Most Common Hip Problems In Dachshunds and What Causes Them?

So, here are the main hip problems in dachshunds you’ll need to watch out for:

As you can see from what the main hip problems in dachshunds are, not all of them are 100% preventable.

How Can You Prevent Hip Problems In Your Doxie?

The treatment will depend on the condition. That being said, don’t be surprised if your vet recommends surgical intervention for a lot of hip problems in dachshunds.

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