5 Exercises To Strengthen Dachshund Back Muscles And Balance


Preventing back trauma is vital for any dachshund owner but so is learning the following 5 exercises to strengthen dachshund back muscles and balance. 

1. Cavaletti Rails

Imagine putting up a row of horse jump rails for your dog. 

2. Walking Backward

This is very easy to do if you can build a narrow tunnel out of dog cage/kennel walls, furniture, or anything like that. 

This is a very simple core exercise – pick up your dog and gently put it on an unstable surface such as a balance disk, a donut, or anything similar.

3. All 4 Unstable Paws

4. Unstable On 3 Paws

As a follow-up to the previous exercise, once your dog is used to balancing on all fours on the balance disk, start gently lifting one of its paws.

5. Swimming

Swimming is difficult to do at home but it is the king of exercises for any dog with back, joint, or weight problems. 

As the exercises we outlined above are low-stress and don’t put too much pressure on your dog, you can start doing them even as your dog is growing. 

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