5 Main Tips For How To Prevent IVDD In Dachshunds


IVDD in dachshunds is a famous problem that many pet owners dread. So, let’s go over the 5 main tips for how to prevent IVDD in dachshunds.

What Is IVDD?

First and foremost, let’s go over what exactly Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) means. This condition is essentially the hardening of the intervertebral discs on your dog’s back.

5 Tips For How To Prevent IVDD In Dachshunds

Of course, there are way more than just 5 things you can do. Feeding your dog a proper diet, for example, is strongly recommended as dachshunds need extra calcium and phosphorous to stay healthy. 

Obesity is a major risk factor for many conditions, including back problems. 

1. Don’t Let Your Dachshund From Becoming Overweight

The broadest and simplest tip is to just handle your dog carefully. This means not dropping your dog from too high after hugging it, not picking it up in unorthodox and uncomfortable ways, and so on.

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