9 Safe And Effective Dachshund Dry Skin Remedies


Dry skin is as annoying for dogs as it is for people. So, here are 9 safe and effective dachshund dry skin remedies for your short-legged pooch.

9 Dachshund Dry Skin Remedies

When talking about home remedies for dry skin on dogs it’s easy to wonder if it’s all just nonsense – after all, we’re bombarded with pseudo-scientific “remedies” anywhere we look online.

Olive oil in the food

All you need is one small tablespoon of olive oil into your dog’s food once every couple of days. The exact quantity will depend on your dog’s size so it’s worth it to talk with your vet for an exact estimate.

Similarly, adding a bit of Omega-3 to your dog’s food is also excellent for dry skin. As above, talk with your vet for the precise personalized dosage.

Omega-3 supplements

Vitamin E bath

Vitamin E can also be added in small quantities to your dog’s food. It’s also a good idea to add a few drops into your dog’s bath water or rub a few drops into your dog’s skin

An oatmeal bath

This tends to give some people pause, however, you may have noticed that some dog hair products include oatmeal.

Most of the time it’s enough to just fix your dog’s diet, pick up the grooming routine, change your dog’s shampoo, and consider some supplements such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and olive oil.

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