Acanthosis Nigricans In Dogs

Dachshunds and other short-legged breeds are prone to some unique conditions such as acanthosis nigricans in dogs, aka the disturbing black spot.

What Is Acanthosis Nigricans In Dogs?

This condition is essentially a type of hyperpigmentation which be quite unseemly to look at. There are many hyperpigmentation conditions in both dogs and other mammals, including humans. Acanthosis ...

What Does Acanthosis Nigricans Look Like?

‣ Hairless skin Thicker, leathery skin Raised wartlike areas Itchiness The darker spots can become crusty, greasy, and even develop a foul smell Painful inflammations can only start developing

Primary Vs Secondary Acanthosis Nigricans In Dogs

This type of condition is almost exclusive to dachshunds. It can appear in other breeds as well but that’s exceptionally rare. The reason this condition ...

Primary Acanthosis Nigricans

Secondary Acanthosis Nigricans

We can see the second variant of this canine type of hyperpigmentation in many other breeds as well as dachshunds. It’s not passed hereditary, however, and is instead the result of other, underlying health problems.

To catch acanthosis nigricans in a dachshund early just peek under its skin while you brush the dog. The most common initial areas include the groin and the upper legs.

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