Are Long Haired Dachshunds Double Coated Or Single Coated?

Doxies come in a few different coat varieties. This brings the question of are long-haired dachshunds double-coated or single coated? 

Are Long-haired Dachshunds Double Coated?

Most do seem to be double-coated, however, so this is the standard you should expect.

How Should You Groom The Different Dachshund Coats?

Both single-coated and double-coated dogs need to be brushed regularly. That’s because brushing isn’t done just to remove dead hair, it’s also done to avoid the tangling and matting of the hair. 

Shaving double-coated dogs are generally ill-advised and dachshunds are no exception.

Should You Shave A Long-haired Dachshund?

How Much and How Often Do Long-haired Dachshunds Shed?

As most of them are double-coated, long-haired dachshund will typically blow their coats twice a year. You can expect a lot of dog hair in those periods, especially for a dachshund.

Typically, long-haired dachshunds have double coats. Some can have single coats too, however, so, if you have a preference, make sure to check what you’re getting.

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