Beagle Basset Dachshund Mix – What Exactly Is That Cross?

Two-breed designer crosses are pretty common nowadays but what about something like a Beagle Basset Dachshund mix – what exactly is that cross? 

What Is The Beagle Basset Dachshund Mix?

In reality, this tri-cross isn’t something that’s often done on purpose unless a certain breeder is experimenting and tries to find a new breed with interesting and beneficial characteristics. 

What Does All Of This Mean For You, However?

All three of these purebred dogs make for great family pets, as do all three of their two-breed designer crosses.

All three of these scent hound breeds are friendly, affectionate, and playful while also being pretty headstrong and needing extra obedience training like any other scent hound.

What’s The Personality Of A Beagle Basset Dachshund Mix?

Would Such A Breed Be Healthy?

There is no health standard for tri-breed crosses so you’ll have to look into this on a case by cases basis. 

How Much Exercise Would Such A Dog Need?

A fair amount but nothing excessive. These dogs are playful but they are also small and short-legged. 

Is The Beagle Basset Dachshund Mix A Mutt?

Most modern pure breeds are made with much more than three breeds in their lineage so that’s not unusual. 

The first generation would be 50/50 Beagle/Dachshund, Beagle/Basset, or Basset/Dachshund. Then, the second would be a 25/25/50 mix with the third breed.

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