Blue Based Red Dachshund – What Is This Unique Color Combination?

Dachshund color type looks exactly as it sounds like it does – it has a gorgeous blue base with red or tan spots on its mouth, neck, chest, and legs.

What Does A Blue Based Red Dachshund Look Like?

This dog looks just like a black and tan dachshund if you substitute the black color with a blueish gray. And that’s no accident.

Why Does A Blue Based Red Dachshund Look Like That?

These dogs have such a unique appearance because they are indeed black and tan dachshunds with a recessive dilute “d” gene or blue locus in their genetic makeup.

 That depends, but usually worth of $1,500 and even over $2,000. 

How Rare And Expensive Are Blue Based Red Dachshund Dogs?

Do Blue Based Red Dachshund Dogs Have Any Extra Health Problems?

Dilution Color Alopecia – this is a skin condition dogs of all breeds can have if they have the diluted gene.

So, Is A Blue Based Red Dachshund The Right Pet For You?

if you are ready to spruce for a rarer and more expensive coat type, and if you don’t mind the risk of having to take extra good care of your dog’s coat and skin.

All three of these are big “Ifs” of course. For one, many people think they want a dachshund and then give up as soon as the long and arduous potty training process starts.

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