Can Dogs Drink Grape Juice Or Is It A Bad Idea?

Dogs love to eat and drink pretty much anything that catches their attention which leads us to wonder can dogs drink grape juice or is it a bad idea?

Can Dogs Drink Grape Juice?

So, can dogs have grape juice? Absolutely not! Grape juice is extremely toxic for dogs – even more so than some other substances like chocolate that are famous as dangerous to dogs.

Why Is Grape Juice Poisonous To Dogs?

Frustratingly enough, scientists don’t yet know what causes grape poisoning in dogs. Veterinarians have observed the problem extensively, however, ...

Whatever the toxic ingredient is, it’s something inside the grapes themselves. So, even peeled and seedless grapes can be disastrous for your pooch.

How About Seedless and Peeled Grapes?

Are All Dogs Equally Affected By Grape Poisoning?

It seems intuitive that smaller dog breeds like the dachshund will be at a higher risk from grape poisoning. The size ...

How Much Grape Juice Is Too Much For Your Dog?

The lowest recorded amount of grape juice to lead to immediate kidney failure is 0.3 ounces per pound of body weight. For raisins, the quantity is 0.05 ounces per pound of body weight.

Call your vet immediately if your dog has ingested grape juice, grapes, or raisins. By describing to your vet the specific symptoms your dog is experiencing, he or she will instruct you how to proceed.

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