Can Dogs Overdose On CBD And How To Avoid CBD Toxicity?

CBD oil can be seen as somewhat controversial but more and more people are coming around to realize its many benefits. Still, it’s important to ask – can dogs overdose on CBD?

Can Dogs Overdose On CBD?

So, is there such a thing as too much CBD dogs can’t handle? Technically yes, but it’s really difficult to give your dog that much CBD oil.

Can CBD Kill Your Dog?

In theory – yes. With large enough quantities even plain water can kill your dog. In practice, however, it’s all but impossible to kill or even harm your dog with CBD.

There’s no official recommendation as the type and quality of the CBD can vary. Plus, the health of your dog can matter as well. So, consulting with your vet first is always recommended.

How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?

How To Pick The Right CBD Oil For Your Dog?

The type and quality of the CBD oil are obviously crucial for successful and safe therapy. As a pet owner, you should only ever buy hemp-derived CBD products for your dog.

They can and there’s very little to worry about with it. Just make sure to get the right product, dosage it right, and keep your dog hydrated. Do that and everything else should be perfectly fine.

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