Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice Or Is it Dangerous?

Fruits and dogs don’t always mix well but some fruits may surprise you. So, can I give my dog orange juice or is it dangerous to them?

Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice?

You technically can, but only if it’s 100% pure orange juice and it doesn’t have any added sugar or other chemicals. 

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Yes, they can, as long as you’ve removed the seeds, peel, and the inner white film. Those parts of the orange can be toxic for your dog because of the various chemicals they contain.

Not really, that’s not necessary. While dogs do need vitamin C, along with a few other vitamins ...

Is Orange Juice Good For Dogs?

Is Orange Juice Safe For Dogs When Mixed With Water?

Some owners like to mix a few drops of lemon juice in their dogs’ water. The same can be done with orange juice. This can be helpful if your dog isn’t drinking enough water but enjoys the citrusy taste.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Drunk Too Much Orange Juice Or Eaten Too Many Orange Slices?

If your dog has started vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, call your vet immediately. 

As with lemon, grapefruit, and most other citrus fruits, it surprises a lot of people that they’re not strictly toxic to dogs. As long as you remove the peel, seeds, and the inner white film, the fruit’s flesh itself isn’t harmful to canines.

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