Changing Dog Food Within The Same Brand – The Why, When, And How

While dogs aren’t as picky as cats, it’s not uncommon for them to sometimes refuse to eat a certain food.

When Should You Change Your Dog’s Diet?

There are many different reasons to change your dog’s diet. Some are serious and urgent, others are less major but still valid.

Why Consider Changing Dog Food Within The Same Brand?

That will depend on the dog’s preferences and tendencies for stubbornness. Many dogs will happily switch to a new food whenever given the chance.

While diet transitioning is often done to avoid certain health issues, it can also cause them, albeit rarely. 

Are There Possible Problems When Transitioning Dog Food?

How To Switch Dog Food If Your Dog Is “Free Feeding”?

If you’re free-feeding your dog you can still try both a sudden and a gradual food switch. That being said, it’s a good idea to use the occasion to switch to a strict feeding schedule of 2 or 3 separate meals a day.

Even if your dog is extra stubborn about it, don’t despair. Just take things slow, make the switch gradual, and make sure your dog is eating at least once every 48 hours (or 24 hours to be extra safe). 

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